Grace, Now and Forever

Grace, Now And Forever

by Gabrielle Lim

I have always loved my middle name, Grace. When I was little my mom painted the word and the meaning on the plate for me, “Grace” on one side and “God’s gift” on the other. At the time I assumed “God’s gift” applied to me, which isn’t necessarily wrong because Psalm 127:3 says that children are a gift and a reward from God, but I didn’t know the word extended far beyond the boundaries of my mind. I didn’t know grace encapsulated so much more than the colorful words on a glass plate.

It wasn’t until I was older and had heard more sermons and read more of God’s word that I began to understand what this wonderful gift was. The gift of grace is the core of the Gospel. It’s Jesus hanging on a cross and taking on my sins, and your sins, and everyone’s sin so that a path could be made from humanity to the Father that ends in eternal life with Him. It’s God saying that I can now approach His throne boldly because when I accept the gift of grace He no longer sees all my imperfections but He sees the perfection of Jesus.

We can all agree that it’s wonderful to hear and read all of these things about grace. After all, the grace Jesus extends to us is built into the foundation of our faith. However, I think, if we’re honest, we can also all agree that we have hit seasons where we’ve struggled with grace. I know I have. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in the past, and I’m guessing you have too.

The enemy likes to use the fact that we’ve slipped up to bring us to a standstill. I’ve made some mistakes that have stopped me dead in my tracks in my walk with Christ. Suddenly I begin to wonder how God could ever love someone as terrible as me, and that I would never get myself together enough to be considered a “good Christian”.

But what is a good Christian anyways? If anyone could reach the point where they can say they are a “good Christian” then grace would lose its power. We’re all just a bunch of messed up and broken people who are seeking God, and, yes, sometimes that means we make mistakes. But let me tell you a truth that all of us need to be reminded of; your mistakes can never keep you from the love of God. Do you want to know how I know this? I know this because the Bible is filled with people who made mistakes, and still found favor with God.

A prime example of this is King David. I encourage you to find some time within the next month to read 1 and 2 Samuel and take a look at the life of David. Within those two books you will read of his triumphs, like the famous story of how he defeats Goliath, but you will also read about how he constantly made mistakes. He had people killed, he was an adulterer, he didn’t quite address the rape of his own daughter, and that’s just to name a few. And yet, in the midst of all that he is still known as “a man after God’s own heart”.

How can a man like that be considered as one who is after God’s heart? The answer is found in the power of grace. David had such an intimate relationship with God that he knew who he wanted to run to first every time he realized he had made a mistake. It’s not about how many good deeds he did; it’s about how quickly he ran to God when he did bad ones.

If there’s anything we can learn from David, and I heard this quote from Matt Chandler who spoke at Passion 2019, it’s that grace is for the journey. And God wants to be there for the entire journey. I don’t know about you, but I find that truth to be so insanely beautiful. God doesn’t want to wait to make the journey with us until we’ve got our life together; He wants to start walking with you here and now. Even if you feel like you blew it last week, or yesterday, or even an hour ago God wants to start walking with you now.

God isn’t waiting for you to fix your brokenness. Instead, He’s waiting for you to boldly approach His throne, carrying all the dark pieces of your past with you, and then He wants you to drop it all at His feet so He can grab you by the hand and lead into life and life to the full. He already knows every mistake you’ve ever made and will ever make anyways, there’s no darkness too deep that you can hide from Him. But He wants to remove all those burdens of your mistakes anyways.

You’re never going to stop making mistakes just like I’m never going to stop making mistakes, or the most Spirit filled person you know isn’t going to stop making mistakes. The thing I hope and pray that you never do is that you never let the mistakes stop you. Please, never stop connecting with your Heavenly Father. I pray that when you mess up, even if it feels like the worst thing you’ve ever done, that you will run to God and remind yourself of the best thing that He ever did.

After all, there’s no sin too heavy that the shoulders of Jesus couldn’t bear. You aren’t the exception. Believe in the power of grace this year, and don’t spend another second not running towards God, He’s already waiting for you with open arms.

To read more about becoming empowered by grace, be sure to read Enough:Someday Starts Today by Buddy Gosey when it comes out on March 2nd!

Gabrielle Lim