No Days Off

No Days Off

by Derek McClardy

From a young age I have ALWAYS felt like God was calling me to something big. I didn’t quite know what it was, but I knew it was something far greater than I could imagine.

At the time, I had a lot of different interests. I LOVED sports (specifically basketball and track & field), but I also loved reading and getting lost in the adventure of a story. I loved music, drama and the arts and was relatively gifted in each of those areas. But most of all I loved people. It was always so clear to me that God wanted me to care about people before programming and that my calling would have something to do with people.

Fast-forward to my college years and I began to lead worship and volunteer with some youth ministries in the Knoxville area. Again, people. I would sit in my apartment bedroom at Maplehurst Court and hold my hands out for hours just saying, “God what do you want from me?” I would sometimes even be tempted to fabricate spiritual experiences just so that I could feel closer to God and feel like he was speaking to me in a magnificent way.

In those times God did speak to me, but it wasn’t the sky opening, sign waving type of signal I was looking for. It was a still quiet voice constantly reminding me of his love for me. It was so easy for me to think, “One day I’ll reach the calling God has set out for me.” Or, “right now is a buffer zone to the places God is taking me.” All of these thoughts were attempts to find that grand calling God had laid on my heart long ago.

What I have learned in this is that we need to train our brains to find satisfaction in the present over the perfect. What do I mean by that? Sometimes we can waste an entire lifetime letting people, experiences, and opportunities pass us by in the name of Christ. I believe we should wait for God’s call on our life but that doesn’t mean we can’t wait well. God is calling us to live & serve inside our current realities with everything we have. Don’t wait for tomorrow to be all that God has called you to be; be all that God has called you to be in your situation today and make the same choice each day for the rest of your life. We cannot waste another minute waiting to use our gifts until the perfect time. God has given you everything you need, for your life, today, in this moment. Don’t wait until tomorrow to engage with the kingdom of God. You have EVERYTHING you need to do it today.

-Derek McClardy

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