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Chapter 1

Am I Enough?

Someday has become the most crippling word spoken and lived in the world today. Think about it. Someday I will become a foster parent. Someday I will travel overseas to live on mission. Someday I will go back to school. Someday I will leave this rotten job. Someday I will lead a Bible study. Someday I will stop drinking. Someday I will start giving generously.

These commitments roll effortlessly off our tongue. We lie to ourselves and delay decisions both big and small as if someday will ever come. Someday is our favorite day. It is always close enough to enjoy as a warm thought, without ever having to feel the cold draft of discomfort that comes with change.

Someday is so toxic because it hides behind the appearance of good intentions. We settle for partial credit earned by at least considering something bold. I mean, at least we are thinking about it, right? Maybe we have even prayed a bit. But quickly we determine now is not the right time. We evaluate and convince ourselves we aren’t enough, so we wait. Why would we attempt something for which we are not ready? Eventually, we will have enough experience, knowledge, money, and time, so why rush? We’re still young with years ahead of us. Like a fine wine, we assume we will just become better with age. We can even justify our patient delays in a way that makes us seem wise. However, in the process, we actively have said “No” to the Creator of the universe…



Buddy Gosey

Lead Planter and Campus Pastor of North Ridge Community Church’s Gray Campus, Author, Blogger, and Madeline’s Husband.


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