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Sam’s Story

“I live with an agnostic friend and the other day I was hoping to talk to him some about faith. I didn’t know what to say or how to start the conversation without seeming manipulative or forceful. Then I remembered the truth of God being enough to work in this space. That realization convinced me to just ask a question and leave the rest up to him. I always said, ‘Someday I will talk to him.’ That someday started today and God is at work in this space.”

Zach’s Story

“Smoking is something I said I would someday give up, but always hid behind the comfort of putting it off for the future. After reading chapter one of Enough, I realized that someday had to start today. Though it has been difficult, I have seen God walk with me after making this commitment to stop. Not only has it been a huge win for me and my life, but has helped create conversations with friends as I have gotten to share my heart behind why I have stopped.”

Annette’s Story

Getting a Master’s degree has always been something in the back of my mind I have wanted to do. After graduating college in 1986, I had to go full-time and felt I wasn’t equipped financially to attend grad school. I hid behind the thought of “someday”. Then I got married, had two incredible children, and wanted to stay home to raise them. Grad school was soon forgotten. Now, I work for East Tennessee State University and get free tuition, so I’ve decided at 55 years old to go for it. No more excuses! I’m in my second semester and with God’s help, I am doing great. It’s overwhelming at times, but I know God is by my side to help me through. The excuses have been shoved to the side and I have decided to trust I am enough, because God is enough.