Study 1:Trust Enough

Read Luke 14:25-33

Qualification isn’t as much about doing more to get ready, as it is recognizing what’s already been done for you. It isn’t about accumulating credentials or experiences, as much as developing a willing spirit to say “yes” and trust God to equip you as you go.

Qualification requires you to reject labels that the world sticks on you so you can accept the title given you by your Creator. Could it be that the very thing we are doing to qualify—waiting—is actually the only thing that takes our qualification away?


Am I willing to take up my cross and follow Jesus wherever He leads? If not, what keeps me from being willing?

Do I believe a willing spirit is the most important qualifier for getting started?

To what have I said “someday” that God wants me to start today? Why have I not been willing to start it?

Read Jeremiah 1:4-7

The beauty of serving a sending God is that when He sets us apart He goes ahead of us every step of the way. He shoulders the struggle with us. He doesn’t erase our excuses, but understands they might be reasonable concerns that lead to hesitation. However, God won’t waste time supporting your “rationalizations”. Instead, He’ll expose them as lies with the light of the truth that He is our warrior, and He is enough. God crushes obstacles of age, experience, or finances under the weight of one promise: He will be with you. He will rescue you when your excuses become real-life challenges, and trials threaten your confidence.


Am I living a life that is actively dependent on God? Have I put myself in a position that if God doesn’t come through, I am in trouble?

How can I grow my dependence and trust in the Lord?

What doubts about Jesus do I need to confess to Him so that my faith can grow?