Study 3: Young Enough

Read Esther 4:13–17

Esther was young and seemingly a woman of little influence. However, Mordecai’s confidence was not in Esther, but in the Lord. He knows God will be faithful. He also knows that if Esther decides to do nothing, she is choosing to do something. She is choosing to neglect the opportunity—at some risk to herself—to save thousands of others. She can't hide from the present reality by focusing on a future possibility. The future depended on her actions now. She was made for such a time as this.

All of us have these Esther 4:14 moments. For some, they come when we are older. Others are in the midst of their moment as they read this page. When we limit our actions as suitable only to a certain age or qualification we miss out on being a key part in these moments—moments that impact both your life and the lives around you.


Do I ever use my age or lack of experience as an excuse to not be an influence on others? How is God asking me to lead through influence today?

Have I ever had a, “perhaps you were made for such a time as this” moment? How did I respond?

What excuses am I tempted to offer God when He asks for my obedience?

Read John 4:27-34

When the disciples finally realized Jesus was not talking about actual food for the belly they received a glimpse into His heart and the motivation that drives Him to labor so hard, day after day. Like a man starving for a morsel, Jesus will do anything to do the will of His Father. Something had to be driving a man to live as relentlessly as Jesus, to walk hundreds of miles a month, to serve thousands of people a year, and ultimately choosing to die for the same people who wanted to kill Him. Clearly, Jesus was deeply motivated, and for the first time, his disciples got a clear glimpse of what drove Him.

Jesus did not gain His strength and satisfaction from bread and water. Refreshment to continue the journey couldn't be found in something that needed to be digested. Jesus both hungered for and was sustained by something more. The sustaining will of His Father and a burning hunger to finish His work was the only thing that would strengthen Him through His journey to Calvary. This better food ultimately satisfied when He finally could exclaim from the cross, “It is finished.” Until then, Jesus always hungered for more.


What is the source of my motivation? What do we hunger for more of?

Who or what am I tempted to go to for nourishment and provision during times of need?

At at young age, we begin to slip into the routine of being content with “good things”, when God has invited us to pursue “God things”. What is something that is “good”that I need to be willing to give up so I can pursue something greater?