Study 5: Called Enough

Read Matthew 25:14-29

When you mount the podium of life to receive your participation medal the only award that truly matters is the blue ribbon of “faithful servant.” All other ambitions you pursue should be steps that set you up to achieve this bigger goal. It is only this prize—hearing those sweet words from our Savior, “Well done good and faithful servant”– that properly rewards your decades of service and sacrifice.

Eventually we will give account of our someday aspirations. Our Master is coming back soon, and when He does, we will either proudly tell Him of all that we did, or fearfully fumble with excuses of all we intended to do. The decisions you make now will determine whether or not you hear that proud admonition from the Lord.


If I died today, would I hear Jesus tell me, “well done, good and faithful servant”?

What have I overlooked that God is asking me to be faithful with?

How could current faithfulness produce even more opportunity down the road?

Read Luke 21:1-4

Offer me what you have, Jesus is saying. I want nothing more. I expect nothing less. That is the heart of God. Jesus publicly declares that this poor widow, who has offered two of the smallest value coins, is demonstrating more faith and obedience than anyone because she’s giving all she has. She held nothing back from the Father. Instead of comparing her meager offering to the flamboyant rich around her, she simply gave what she had—everything she had. Her offering will be rewarded for eternity as she is recognized as a “faithful servant.”

Think how easy it would have been for the poor widow to consider her resources too meager and to reject God’s invitation to give what she had. Listening to the gold coins others dropped loudly into the offering jar, she could have doubted that her copper bits would ever matter. Instead of waiting until maybe she had more, she trusted God to use her faithfulness now. She knew God would never demand more than she had to offer, so she decided to give Him everything.


To who or what have I been comparing myself? How has that kept me from being a faithful steward of what I do have?

Is there anything I am keeping for myself instead of willing giving over to God?

How would my life be different if I gave Him everything?